Specialists in Criminal and Family Law

Parminder Panesar

Senior Partner

  • Criminal Law
  • Solicitor

I am a Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate with over 30 years’ experience in dealing with criminal cases.  I have dealt with the whole range of cases from motoring and low-level shoplifting cases to murder, drugs importations, conspiracies and sexual offences.

I like to provide my clients with continuity of service and where possible I represent my clients at all stages of their case from the initial police station attendance through to the conclusion of the case.

I am very analytical in my approach to every case and leave no stones unturned.  I can assure my clients of a personal approach to their cases and pride myself in being able to put clients at ease, even in the most serious and worrying situations.


What our clients say

I would like to let you know that your calm voice and understanding manner in which  we spoke on the telephone gave me immense reassurance in the situation of being detained which at first  I didn’t understand after trying to defend myself. Your explanations were crystal clear and really broke down the details of alleged offences so I could better understand the predicament

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